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About Us

Personal AI Tutor

Our Personal AI Tutor provides each user with a tailored learning experience. Powered by cutting-edge AI, our Tutor dynamically adapts to your skill level, offering personalized guidance and feedback.

User Experience

Immerse yourself in the future of music education with our augmented reality app. As you play, your real instrument comes to life in AR, with illuminated keys guiding your fingers just like in MIDI players.

Alongside, your virtual Tutor provides personalized guidance and encouragement, ensuring you stay on track. Plus, experience the thrill of success with exciting visual and auditory cues, reminiscent of triumphant combos in rhythm games.

Multiple Insturments

Why limit yourself to just one instrument when you can learn them all? Whether you're drawn to the soothing melodies of the piano, or the rhythmic beats of the drums, iPlayARt has something for everyone.




Try for Free

iPlayARt offers a 7-day free trial for new users! Feel free to try everything the Virtuoso subscription has to offer

Per Instrument Subscription

  • learning course for 1 instrument
  • personal AI tutor
  • play analysis
  • insights

Virtuoso Subscription

  • learning course for all instruments
  • personal AI tutor
  • play analysis
  • insights